Compact High Volume Express Tunnel Car Wash

Stationary Flex Wrap Car Wash

The Broadway Stationary Flex Wrap Car Wash has been developed from our years in the Conveyor Car Wash business. This wash is designed to handle a higher throughput and still provide a high quality car wash. The system uses two giant brushes to envelop all surfaces of the car. It has a modular component structure that allows you to customize your system. You are able to modify our high clean dual oscillating curtain into a quad-curtain cleaning machine. No matter the size of your lot or inventory of vehicles, the Stationary Flex Wrap Car Wash can accommodate your needs. This machine is designed to give complete vehicle coverage in a quick, efficient manner to maximize wash volume.





 Flexible cycle time to handle varying vehicle needs.


 Washes up to 60 vehicles per hour.


 Automatic operation – no attendant needed.


 Operate with or without a conveyor.


 Modular system allows for component additions.


 Galvanized steel for solid, durable and unsurpassed structural integrity.


Minimum Space Required: Call for Specifications. Electrical service: 10 hp motor, 40 amps, 3-phase, 208/230 or 480 volt. Plumbing: 1″ at 40 psi / standard floor drain. Compressed air: 90 psi / 5 cfm.