Delivers Extra Cleaning Power to the Dirtiest Areas

Broadway’s High Pressure Side Blasters

One of the most challenging areas to clean on a vehicle is the lower half including the vastly different and sometimes complicated wheel rim area. Broadway has the solution with our on board high pressure cleaning system. It has multiple jets that deliver up to 1000 psi of cleaning intensity to the area that needs it most. This all-inclusive design will give you the winning edge in the battle against dirty and difficult to clean vehicle rims. Whether its brake dust, heavy road grime or both, the Broadway High Pressure Blasters have the power you want and need.





 A separate 15 hp electric motor powers a 20 gpm water pump.


 Over 750 psi of cleaning power.


 Focuses on Both Rims & Rocker Panels.


 Adjustable Cycle Time.


 15 degree nozzle for direct, safe cleaning.