Durable 5-Brush In Bay Automatic

Rollover Car Wash – Where Consistency and Quality Meet

In 1982, Broadway Equipment was the first to manufacture an all cloth roll over car wash and with 35 years of proven history, upgrades and product knowledge we stand behind this as the best product on the market. Our all aluminum construction and air over hydraulic operations provide not only a very clean car but has proven over the years to be a very durable product that is also friendly to the vehicle. The Broadway Rollover Car Wash incorporates the latest technology including computer communication and integration that was designed with the car dealer market in mind. That is why four out of five auto dealerships choose this type of wash to meet their car wash needs. The Rollover Car Wash provides a high quality wash and low cost maintenance, with a simple-to-use operation.



 Standard wash handles vehicles up to 84″ high. Also available in
    90″, “102” and 132″ heights.


 Washes a vehicle in 90 seconds.


 Vehicle size identification technology for better resource management.


 Four side brushes with mitter curtains ensure complete vehicle coverage.


 Air over hydraulic operations for vehicle friendly contact and product


 Latest technology incorporated to provide consistent and dependable


Minimum Space Required: Call for Specifications. Electrical service: 15 hp, 60 amps, 3-phase, 208/230 or 480 volt. Plumbing: 1″ at 40 psi / usage rate 22 gpm. Compressed air: 90 psi / 5 cfm.