Built to Meet the High Standards of Your Dealership

Custom Design For Your Dealership

At Broadway Equipment, we understand the importance of a properly designed project. The car wash must make efficient use of the space given, meet the demands of the facility, and work with the flow of day-to-day operations. Our design team has years of experience that we can bring to each project to provide solutions that work. Because we understand the importance of design, we offer up our design services at NO CHARGE.

Our experience in the car wash industry has made Broadway an easy choice for many architects, builders, and design teams to repeatedly use our services and our equipment. We can work directly with your team during the entire process to make sure the finished product is exactly what is needed. We are fully CAD capable and our plans can integrate seamlessly into the entire project, helping reduce any gaps that can come up during the process.

Whether you’re building new, renovating an existing space, or replacing an existing wash, let the Broadway design team help find solutions for you. Please call or click below for design help today!

Built to the Highest Standards

With today’s climate of globalized manufacturing, it takes dedication and commitment to manufacture a genuine American-Made machine. Broadway has always used industrial grade materials from reputable local suppliers to ensure that anything with our name on it also carries the assurance of some our nation’s most trusted brands. In the hands of our craftsmen, these materials are masterfully fabricated into a distinctly American piece of equipment.

Broadway’s modular designed equipment means that their standard units can be built to accommodate virtually any available wash bay. Versatile and adaptable, you’ll find Broadway’s Equipment washing in bays where others could not.

With a low-tolerance for waste, Broadway is proud to be a Green company, before Green was mainstream. Broadway remanufactures trade-in equipment to be returned into the field for
service in our Rental Programs. The frame, pump, electric motor and other major non-wear items are reconditioned and returned to service in a like-new machine. All unusable, recyclable materials are prepared, sorted and sent to recycling centers.

Broadway’s standards of quality, durability, performance and longevity are second to none. These high standards drive the initiative to manufacture everything we offer to create the best product possible. Our loyalty to quality is a big reason why Broadway has more repeat business than any other car wash brand.

The benefit is that Broadway is a true, factory-direct, single-source supplier for the entire wash system, accountable for the sales, service and support of everything we provide. When you order a Broadway, you’re getting genuine, American made quality product from a manufacturer you can trust.