Superior Touchless In-Bay Automatic Car Wash

Broadway’s Touch Free Car Wash System

Broadway’s Touch Free Car Wash offers the latest advances in touch free cleaning with zero contact to the vehicle other than chemicals and a high pressure cleaning application. Broadway’s unique Wonder Bar technology maintains close proximity to the front and rear of the vehicle with adjustable cycles to provide extra cleaning when needed. With the main focus on high water pressure, the chemical usage can be controlled to provide a clean car at a reasonable cost. Broadway’s Touch Free Car Wash is easy to use and, has an impressive stainless steel look that provides unmatched results.





 Wash time approximately 3-5 minutes, up to 20 vehicles per hour.


 Washes vehicles up to 84″ high.


 Adjustable cycles on Wonder Bar front and rear nozzle pressure.


 Easy programmable controller makes for simple adjustments to wash
speeds and levels.


 High-pressure wash system delivers up to 1200 psi.


 Focused wheel and rocker cleaning pass.


 Two-step chemical cleaning system.


 Chemical water is softened and heated for maximum chemical


Minimum Space Required: Call for Specifications. Electrical service: Wash – 3 phase 208/230 or 460 volt 100 amp service, Water Heater – 3 phase 208/230 or 460 volt 50 amp service. Plumbing: 1″ at 40psi / 22gpm usage rate / standard floor drain. Compressed Air: 90 psi, 5 cfm.

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