Ideal for Pre and Post Wash Enhancements

Broadway’s Multi-Purpose Car Wash Arches

Car washes today are dealing with several types of water from gray to RO water and others. Having the right arches in the right place to assure proper water usage. Broadway’s Rinse Arch system is a straight-forward robust frame that can be equipped with a variety of delivery nozzle methods, and the arch is designed for undeniable durability, not to mention an extremely efficient delivery of products that will enhance the cleaning quality of the automated equipment. Our Design team can strategically place our Arches within your bay to optimize the performance of the entire wash system and add that extra level of clean you want to deliver.



 Total vehicle coverage on all cars, SUV’s, pickups or vans.


 Fully computerized for great versatility and adjustability.


 Low-maintenance aluminum frame.


 Stainless steel laser drilled holes for accurate & consistent rinsing.


 Chemical feed pump for any type of chemical application.


 84” Vehicle clearance (larger upon request).

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