The Proven Way, The Dealers' Way, Broadway Since 1977

Broadway Company Story

In 1963, Robert Schleeter built and opened his first car wash. The tradition of family involvement in the business started early and is still a part of who they are today. As time went on, Robert realized he was spending too much time on repairing his equipment and not enough time on running the business. He was not one to brand his business with his own name, so he picked the street name he was on and in 1977, Broadway Equipment was born. Over the years, the growing manufacturing business became more of a focus to sell car washes. In 1978, Robert bought a company who made car polishers. He took this machine and refined it and developed a polishing program that was then named, Auto Butler. Shortly after, Robert’s two sons, Harry and Keith, joined the family business which had grown into a company with 4 million dollars a year in revenue. In 1987, with his new brand and production capabilities, Robert made a decision that has become one of the main identified of Broadway to this date. He decided that he had the best chance to grow his business by taking all his car wash knowledge and ability to the car dealership market. By 1990, Broadway had most of the car manufacturer endorsements and was well on its way to the number one car wash equipment producer for the dealership market where they are today. In 1996, a new facility was bought and since then three more expansions have happened with the most recent in 2016. In 2007, Harry and Keith bought Robert out of the business where he continued to work until he passed away in 2011. Today, Broadway operates with over 100 employees, many of whom have worked for the company for over 20 years. Most of these employees have experiences of working at one of the retail car washes, which is at the core of Broadway’s identity. Broadway is proud of its rich history and the team of quality associates they have cultivated over the years.
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